Creature — Horror 2/6, (5)

Whenever Abomination blocks or becomes blocked by a green or white creature, destroy that creature at end of combat.

Illus. Mark Tedin

Animate Dead

Enchantment — Aura , (2)

Enchant creature card in a graveyard

When Animate Dead enters the battlefield, if it's on the battlefield, it loses "enchant creature card in a graveyard" and gains "enchant creature put onto the battlefield with Animate Dead." Return enchanted creature card to the battlefield under your control and attach Animate Dead to it. When Animate Dead leaves the battlefield, that creature's controller sacrifices it.

Enchanted creature gets -1/-0.

Illus. Anson Maddocks

Ashes to Ashes

Sorcery , (3)

Exile two target nonartifact creatures. Ashes to Ashes deals 5 damage to you.

"All rivers eventually run to the sea. My job is to sort out who goes first."—Maeveen O'Donagh, Memoirs of a Soldier

Illus. Drew Tucker

Black Knight

Creature — Human Knight 2/2, (2)

First strike (This creature deals combat damage before creatures without first strike.)

Protection from white (This creature can't be blocked, targeted, dealt damage, or enchanted by anything white.)

Battle doesn't need a purpose; the battle is its own purpose. You don't ask why a plague spreads or a field burns. Don't ask why I fight.

Illus. Jeff A. Menges


Enchantment — Aura , (2)

Enchant land

When enchanted land becomes tapped, destroy it.

Illus. Pete Venters

Bog Imp

Creature — Imp 1/1, (2)

Flying (This creature can't be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.)

On guard for larger dangers, we underestimated the power and speed of the Imp's muck
crusted claws.

Illus. Ron Spencer

Bog Wraith

Creature — Wraith 3/3, (4)

Swampwalk (This creature can't be blocked as long as defending player controls a Swamp.)

'Twas in the bogs of CannelbraeMy mate did meet an early grave'Twas nothing left for us to saveIn the peat
filled bogs of Cannelbrae.

Illus. Jeff A. Menges

Carrion Ants

Creature — Insect 0/1, (4)

: Carrion Ants gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

"War is no picnic," my father liked to say. But the Ants seemed to disagree.

Illus. Richard Thomas

Cosmic Horror

Creature — Horror 7/7, (6)

First strike

At the beginning of your upkeep, destroy Cosmic Horror unless you pay . If Cosmic Horror is destroyed this way, it deals 7 damage to you.

". . . [S]creams of horror rend th' affrighted skies." —Alexander Pope, The Rape of the Lock

Illus. Jesper Myrfors

Cursed Land

Enchantment — Aura , (4)

Enchant land

At the beginning of the upkeep of enchanted land's controller, Cursed Land deals 1 damage to that player.

Illus. Jesper Myrfors

Cyclopean Mummy

Creature — Zombie 2/1, (2)

When Cyclopean Mummy dies, exile it.

The ritual of plucking out an eye to gain future sight is but a curse that enables the living to see their own deaths.

Illus. Edward P. Beard, Jr.


Instant , (1)

Target spell or permanent becomes black. (Mana symbols on that permanent remain unchanged.)

Illus. Sandra Everingham

Drain Life

Sorcery , (2)

Spend only black mana on X.

Drain Life deals X damage to target creature or player. You gain life equal to the damage dealt, but not more life than the player's life total before Drain Life dealt damage or the creature's toughness.

Illus. Douglas Shuler

Drudge Skeletons

Creature — Skeleton 1/1, (2)

: Regenerate Drudge Skeletons. (The next time this creature would be destroyed this turn, it isn't. Instead tap it, remove all damage from it, and remove it from combat.)

Bones scattered around us joined to form misshapen bodies. We struck at them repeatedly—they fell, but soon formed again, with the same mocking look on their faceless skulls.

Illus. Sandra Everingham


Creature — Human Wizard 1/1, (3)

Whenever El-Hajjâj deals damage, you gain that much life.

Illus. Dameon Willich

Erg Raiders

Creature — Human Warrior 2/3, (2)

At the beginning of your end step, if Erg Raiders didn't attack this turn, Erg Raiders deals 2 damage to you unless it came under your control this turn.

Illus. Dameon Willich

Evil Presence

Enchantment — Aura , (1)

Enchant land

Enchanted land is a Swamp.

Illus. Sandra Everingham