Angel of Light

Creature — Angel 3/3, (5)

Flying, vigilance

Illus. Todd Lockwood

Angel of Mercy

Creature — Angel 3/3, (5)


When Angel of Mercy enters the battlefield, you gain 3 life.

Illus. Melissa A. Benson

Angelic Blessing

Sorcery , (3)

Target creature gets +3/+3 and gains flying until end of turn. (It can't be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.)

Only the warrior who can admit mortal weakness will be bolstered by immortal strength.

Illus. Mark Zug


Creature — Angel 5/5, (7)

Flying, vigilance

Illus. Quinton Hoover

Ardent Militia

Creature — Human Soldier 2/5, (5)


Some fight for honor and some for gold, but the militia fight for hearth and home.

Illus. Zina Saunders


Sorcery , (3)

Target opponent draws a card.

You gain 7 life.

Bargaining with a goblin is like trading with a child; both believe they already own everything.

Illus. Phil Foglio

Blinding Light

Sorcery , (3)

Tap all nonwhite creatures.

Let the unjust avert their faces and contemplate their peril.

Illus. John Coulthart

Border Guard

Creature — Human Soldier 1/4, (3)

"Join the army, see foreign countries!" they'd said.

Illus. Kev Walker

Breath of Life

Sorcery , (4)

Return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

Illus. DiTerlizzi

Champion Lancer

Creature — Human Knight 3/3, (6)

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to Champion Lancer by creatures.

The flash of his lance projects the pure radiance of his honor.

Illus. Chippy

Charging Paladin

Creature — Human Knight 2/2, (3)

Whenever Charging Paladin attacks, it gets +0/+3 until end of turn.

A true warrior's thoughts are of victory, not death.

Illus. Kev Walker

Devoted Hero

Creature — Elf Soldier 1/2, (1)

The heart's courage is the soul's guardian.

Illus. DiTerlizzi

Devout Monk

Creature — Human Monk Cleric 1/1, (1)

When Devout Monk enters the battlefield, you gain 1 life.

Discipline wears many robes.

Illus. Daniel Gelon

Eager Cadet

Creature — Human Soldier 1/1, (1)

The enthusiasm of the young, sharpened by the discipline of a soldier.

Illus. Scott M. Fischer

False Peace

Sorcery , (1)

Target player skips all combat phases of his or her next turn.

Mutual consent is not required for war.

Illus. Zina Saunders

Foot Soldiers

Creature — Human Soldier 2/4, (4)

Infantry deployment is the art of putting your troops in the wrong place at the right time.

Illus. Kev Walker

Gerrard's Wisdom

Sorcery , (4)

You gain 2 life for each card in your hand.

"You'll lose a duel if your enemy comes expecting a war."

Illus. Heather Hudson

Knight Errant

Creature — Human Knight 2/2, (2)

". . . Before honor is humility."—The Bible, Proverbs 15:33

Illus. Dan Frazier

Loyal Sentry

Creature — Human Soldier 1/1, (1)

When Loyal Sentry blocks a creature, destroy that creature and Loyal Sentry.

Illus. Ron Spears